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In our ICE category you will have one thing for sure: crampons on your feet.

Our mountaineering programs take you to the high glaciated realm of the 3 and 4000 m peaks. Mostly on airy ridges and in summer. Sometimes combining rock and snow into a mixed route.

In the corresponding courses you will be trained by a certified guide on how to travel independently in high alpine terrain. As soon as it goes beyond simple glacier travel, advanced belay techniques, speed, tactics and experience in alpine hazard assessment play an important role. With our coachings we would like to make you fit for the really big climbs.

Our ice and mixedclimbing trips are all about frozen waterfalls. Addictive to few, type 3 fun for others, this is a sport that is advisable to be learnt from a professional. Winter alpinism is the high alpine version where you climb on icefalls squeezed into narrow couloirs and, when the ice ends, jam the picks of your tools into rocky cracks and hook your way upwards.