A dream came true... now we're multilingual ;-)


Over the last 20 years we've been working quite a lot with English speaking clients, climbed with English speaking mates and in English speaking countries. But we somehow never got 'round to translating our website. Which was a pity because we actually really enjoy working and simply being in the hills with people of different nationalities, origin and mountaineering backgrounds.

Now, we've done it!

Some might say that, considering that we already have a number of clients from the UK, that it's not the best timing :-o

But what the heck. We are actually quite proud of the work we've done over the last few weeks. We hope to further our internationalism, hope you enjoy it and above all, that you can understand it!

Until now, not all of our original programme is translated. But we are trying to create more specialized trips directed at folks who come from afar. We hope you like it.

Let us know!
We are happy to chat, mountains or other and are really looking forward to seeing you in the hills!


The Picos-team