Picos Berge


Advanced alpine rope techniques as a foto-story

Picos Alpine-Tutorial

Moving about and belaying on alpine ridges, crevassed glaciers and mixed ground is a complex matter. We use the rope to our best advantage, trying to be as safe as possible while advancing as fast as we can. From roped-teams responding to crevasse danger, over simul-climbing with spike-belays to the infamous short-roping of guides: in a fall, we are far from absolute safety.

Executing these rope techniques, we operate in a grey-area of security. To reasonably and fluently adapt our belaying to the fast changing alpine terrain and give us the best chances in case of a fall is perhaps one of the most demanding alpine skills to master. And yet there's very little to be found in textbook literature.

In our Alpine Tutorial we try to reveal advantages and disadvantages and possible pitfalls of these techniques. We illustrate suitable ground and constraints of these practices by means of a photo-story of an actual route. To be honest, this little booklet was a heartfelt project of ours. With one drawback: it's in German only.
In all honesty, we did not get 'round to doing the translation yet. Maybe we will in the future. But if anyone capable in both German and English is interested in the topic, we would certainly not deny some help.

Our Tutorial is free to download. We do not make any money with it. We do not collect personal data with it. But please remember, it's still copyrighted material that must not be distributed freely. If you have any questions, feedback or spare time for translations, contact us at tutorial@picos-guides.com.

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