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Gear / Kitlists

Gear / Kitlists

General information on gear

The equipment on our trips is of utmost importance when it comes to safety and fun. We maintain a pool of high-quality and always up-to-date rental equipment from our cooperation partners. Those cooperations enable us to provide the participants of our trips with rental equipment free of charge. Please note: unfortunately we cannot lend out any mountain or ski boots. The effort to store all sizes would be too much.

As a general rule: please contact us as early as possible if you are lacking any gear necessary for a trip. We are happy to advise you and try to help whenever possible!

Gear for my trip
You will find information about the necessary gear in the trip description. In addition, a detailed kit list is linked for download as a packing aid.
For trips and courses aimed at beginners, the required rental gear is always included in the package. This means that you can try out climbing harnesses, crampons or skis without having to buy your own equipment.
For advanced trips we assume that you already own most of the gear. If something is missing, you will get it from us if possible. Even if you own skis you are welcome to test skis on our freeride or skitouring trips. The mountain guide will hand out rental gear for a trip on site.

Gear / Kitlists

Wear and damage
Equipment can wear and tear quickly in the tough alpine environment. This is of course not your problem in the usual boundaries. However, if you should cause damage carelessly or even negligently, you would have to provide a replacement. For example, for the lost ice axe or the torn edges of the ski. But we won't leave you out in the rain. Thanks to our good contacts to the manufacturers, a fair repair or a cheap replacement usually goes off without a hitch.

Gear Rental

Mountain kit for private trips
You can also rent equipment from us for when you are out without a guide. An overview and prices can be found in the following table.

If you need something, please contact us!

Gear / Kitlists
per day per week
Harness 5 ‎€ 15 ‎€
Ice Axe 5 ‎€ 25 ‎€
Crampons 5 ‎€ 25 ‎€
Walking Poles 5 ‎€ 20 ‎€
Via Ferrata Set 5 ‎€ 30 ‎€
Helmet 5 ‎€ 15 ‎€
Avalanche Safety Set 10 ‎€ 30 ‎€
Avalung Backpack 5 ‎€ 20 ‎€
Freeride-Skis 15 ‎€ 60 ‎€
Touring-Skis 15 ‎€ 60 ‎€

Climbing-Hardware such as cams, carabiners, belay-devices, slings and ropes can be provided on request.