Via Ferrata Coaching

Ferratas are fun. In our coaching you will learn what to do when they stop being fun. Safety- and Emergencytraining.

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Via Ferrata Coaching

Via ferratas have been "en vogue" for a while now. Word has it, that "buy harness — start climbing" may not be quite enough. The numerous recalls of via-ferrata sets over the last few years indicate, that belaying on a ferrata is not at all trivial. Résumé: better not fall.
Sure, it's not rocket science and ferratas are a good introduction to the vertical world. Concerning beginner's courses that teach entry level know-how, we decided to not partake — to be honest, there are plenty of providers already.

Our via-ferrata coaching is aimed at those who already know how it works. As long as everything works out fine. Because in our coaching we'll look deeply into your options in a situation where simply clicking a carabiner will not be enough.

  • Additional belaying techniques for weaker persons, children or injured climbers.
  • Use of a rope as a means of aid and for emergencies
  • Lowering and options for retreat
  • Hauling and rescue of free hanging persons, makeshift rescues
  • Gear know-how, physics of falling, first aid, suspension trauma
    If you want to be fit to cope with everything a via ferrata might throw at you and especially if you carry responsibility for others, our mountain guides will show you the tricks of the trade.

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We will be happy to accompany you on a challenging ferrata where we will go through some realistic scenarios to train and practice. This course will be planned individually to cater for your wishes, let's talk about what we can do.


You should have some prior experience on via ferratas and be familiar with the gear. A background in rockclimbing is not necessary but you will not be able to avoid learning some knots and belay techniques. That's what you're here for after all. Fitness should be enough to finish the ferrata after some exercises still...


Everything that's missing will be provided without extra costs.


  • Organization and guiding by IFMGA licensed mountain guide
  • Rental gear
  • All guide's expenses


  • Accommodation and food depending on location and duration
  • We are happy to stay on campgrounds in the valley, or we will organize a hotel stay for you


for this trip

Personal communication rather than follower and likes.

Lets face it: social media is a mere marketing tool for many businesses. To us this way of connecting with the audience is somewhat superficial. That's not our style. We prefer the direct contact to our clients - even beyond 'business'.

What does that mean for you? If you are planning a trip to the mountains on your own, get in touch, we are happy to recommend on a summit, region or provide information on the conditions. You need advice on gear? Need a second opinion on the avalanche situation? We are fostering a long term exchange, often on a very personal level, with many of our clients. We are taking the time, because its fun to chat or talk shop with like-minded people!

Top - mountain kit included.

Quite frankly our cooperating partners want to sell the gear they are providing us with. It is therefore clearly in our interest if you test gear on our trips. So why should we charge you for this?

Lend out gear is generally free of charge on all our trips. If you have your own equipment, but want to save weight on a challenging ski traverse, we will bring lightweight crampons for you. You are keen to test a wide freeride ski or the latest ice tools? No problem! Of course, we do not have multiple sizes or models in stock, but we are trying to help you with gear as much as we can.

Van life, camping and road trips: it doesn't always have to be **** comfort.

Sure, we do enjoy fine food and decent accommodation. But we are happy with less comfort as well, if that's what you want. Not having to book hotels makes things a lot more flexible. Cooking together is social and can be a lot of fun. No doubt, hiring a guide is expensive. By keeping our expenses as low as possible we help you save money and focus on the really important things - to climb and to ski! If you like the simple life, tell us so! There is a surprisingly high number of climbs that can be achieved without using expensive huts.

Why we do not show available places online.

Because you still wouldn't know if a trip is confirmed. Bookings can be cancelled after all. Besides, well, the displayed number of available places can be fake — we all know that from the flight search engines.

Don't panic if the minimum number of participants is not yet reached! We often try to directly address long term clients, bring together bookings for different dates or find alternatives. Maybe we are really keen on doing the trip ourselves and offer you a special deal. Anyway we are keeping you updated. You might tell us your deadline by which you have to know if the trip takes place or not.